Instagram, A Great Marketing Tool


Marketing plays an important role in business. A business can even sink without proper marketing. People who start a business must also know how to market it. The latest trend in marketing is by using social media.

Reason to market business in Social Media

There are various reasons to say why many people choose social media as a tool for marketing.

  • The main reason is that; it is where most of the people around the world get together. This is where people of different countries, different languages and different age groups get to know about people at different localities.
  • It is one of the free ways to share information.
  • It is one of the ways to publish single information to millions of people.

To say it simply, it is cost effective, easy sharing and the best way to pass on the information about the business to many people.

Instagram and marketing

One such social media that is being widely used for marketing is Instagram. One may think that Instagram is just to share pictures. Yes, sharing business related pictures across the community can help one to market their business.

Here is how people use Instagram as a wise tool to market their business.

Picture acts as the main tool to promote business in Instagram. People use Instagram as a wise chance to take snaps of their brand, append relevant text to it and use proper hashtags to post their picture. This gives an opportunity for the business people to let others know about their business and brand.

Assume yourself to be a person who starts a new business and you post an image about your business on Instagram. When others start viewing the post, there are many chances for the viewers who viewed the post to use your brand. Once they start liking your brand, they may specify their likes for the posts and they may become your follower. Chances are more for the people who have used your brand to comment on your post about it. As many people start viewing your posts, there are many chances for them to use your brand and the followers and like count may gradually increase and this will make your business popular.

Tricks for Quick marketing

Posting images can make the business popular but one cannot expect immediate growth in the business. This is because the image has to reach many people and it may take time for the image to get popularized among the community. If you wish to get immediate response for the post, then certain kind of trick has to be played to drag the attention of the Instagram users.

One such trick is increasing the follower’s count. When your count of followers increases, obviously many people will be tempted to find out why you have a lot of followers. The image that you post about your business cannot escape from their eyes and they will come to know about your business and brand.

Another way to drag other’s attention is by increasing the likes count. When your account has a number of likes, people will want to view your post and know what is in the post. As many people visit your account, the traffic will increase.

One common trick that is getting popular is by getting shoutout. What if you are able to post your pictures on other popular Instagram accounts? Doesn’t it sound great? Yes, when pictures are posted on the popular account, many will view the post and get to know about your business.

Increasing the Followers and Like count

However, one may wonder how to increase the count of followers and likes. There are many companies that offer a huge number of followers. Increasing the count involves only very few steps.

  • Create an account with the company.
  • Specify the number of followers and likes required
  • Click on the submit button.

That’s it. Your account will receive the specified number of followers and likes within minutes. Isn’t that simple to drag people to view your post?


There are also companies that provide shoutouts.

  • Create an account.
  • You will be listed with most popular Instagram accounts.
  • Select the popular Instagram accounts where you like your post to be displayed.
  • Specify the image and text you like to post on the account.
  • Submit and check how your information reaches many people.

Thus, Instagram not only acts as a good entertainer but also a good marketing tool.