Examples of Highly Effective Instagram Accounts

Examples of Highly Effective Instagram Accounts

Take a look at some of the most popular fitness brands and how they operate.

These channels work by posting images of a perfect fitness lifestyle.

See silhouettes of people running against a sunset along a beach.

Lots of pictures of incredibly ripped guys standing over weights with chalk in their hands.

You’ll see pictures of incredibly fit women with perfectly formed rears in the squatting rack.

All of these things paint a picture that is highly desirable for anyone who wishes they were a bit fitter.

They love looking at these images – especially if they aren’t that happy with their own fitness – because they find them inspiring and because they like to imagine that one day their lives will be like that.

That’s also why fashion is so popular on Instagram. There are countless female Instagram Influencer stars who post pictures of themselves in highly form-fitting outfits, looking absolutely stunning and thereby making other women highly jealous (of course they also tend to have a few male followers as well!).

And can you imagine what kind of position that puts these women in when it comes to promoting products? With all those followers who wish their lives were just like those women’s, their ability to promote a product is of course almost unparalleled!

Another very popular type of account is the ‘Battlestation’ channel. Battlestations are essentially setups for gaming PCs or productivity stations.

These are super powerful desktop PCs with advanced lighting set-ups, multi-monitor arrays, keyboards with insane lighting and awesome pop-culture décor.

Again, people like to follow these channels as fans of tech because they can use them for ideas, inspiration and a little bit of lust.

What about food porn? These accounts literally just take photos of beautiful looking meals and combine this with recipe advice, or reviews of places to eat. Again though, this appeals to the kind of person who loves cooking and loves eating and who gets a real kick out of making something delicious or finding those hidden indie places to eat.

Travel is another area that lends itself very naturally to these kinds of channels and it’s not uncommon to see people posting pictures of themselves in front of lots of exotic locations.

While they come in many different forms, the best Instagram accounts are all about promoting a way of life, a movement or a dream – and that is where the incredible engagement comes from.

Examples of Highly Effective Instagram Accounts - Take a look at some of the most popular fitness brands and how they operate.

An Extreme Example

If you want an example of how Instagram can work in the extreme, then consider ‘stunting’. Stunting is the somewhat strange practice of essentially pretending that you have more money than you do, or that you live an incredibly rich lifestyle.

A typical example might be to take a photo of your own hand on a car steering wheel. That car is of course a Lamborghini and just to complete the image, you are also wearing a Rolex. Other people will withdraw lots of their own cash, so they can lie in bed along with lots of piles of it, or they will take photos of themselves on first class flights (when actually they were just passing through to go to the toilet).

People who wish they were better off and who dream of this kind of lifestyle will then often follow those accounts, just so that they can live vicariously and imagine that it is them with all that money.

Sometimes, they will even know that the ‘stunter’ is faking it and won’t even care because they are just happy to see those images and to pretend along with the creator.It’s a strange practice but it just shows the magic of Instagram and what a powerful impact that can have…

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